Turtle Network

TurtleNode ($TN) to TurtleNetwork ($TN) SWAP Guide on Waves Platform

TurtleNode ($TN) to TurtleNetwork ($TN) SWAP Guide on Waves Platform.

To celebrate our new ticker approval from Bettertokens, as well as strengthen & align our new brand, we will remove all TurtleNode tokens from circulation and replace them with the new token called TurtleNetwork (ticker remains $TN) on Waves Platform via a simple token swap.

The swap will take place as follows;

SWAP Dates;
From: 04/08/2019
To: 04/09/2019 (deadline)

[Q] – How to Swap?

1: [1 to 1 Sell Wall on Waves DEX]
Waves DEX URL: https://waves.exchange
You will find a TN/TN sell wall with 1:1 ratio at https://waves.exchange/dex-demo?assetId1=bPWkA3MNyEr1TuDchWgdpqJZhGhfPXj7dJdr3qiW2kD&assetId2=HxQSdHu1X4ZVXmJs232M6KfZi78FseeWaEXJczY6UxJ3

[Q] – What happens to my TurtleNode tokens if I miss the swap deadline date?
[A] – After the deadline date has been met, circulating TurtleNode tokens will no longer have market value. ‘Sell Wall’ will remain until 100% completed or latest until 31/03/2020 BUT please SWAP within deadline. TN tokens not swapped by 31/03/2020 will move to a TN Development Fund.

2: [TN Gateway]
TN Gateway URL: https://gateway.turtlenetwork.eu
Note: From 11/08/2019 11:30 GMT+2 TN Gateway will send out TurtleNetwork instead of TurtleNode.

[Note]: Please don’t send TurtleNode (TN) from Waves Network using the TN Gateway. Any attempt to swap the old TurtleNode token will result in lost and irrecoverable tokens.

[Note: TN Gateway maintenance change complete & a success] on 11/08/2019 11:30 GMT+2
[CHANGE]: TurtleNode asset was removed & replaced with TurtleNetwork. ONLY TurtleNetwork (TN) is transferable between Waves & Turtle Network blockchains from now-on.

Asset Details;
[Note]: Same Issuer account confirming validity.
[NEW Asset]: http://dev.pywaves.org/assets/bPWkA3MNyEr1TuDchWgdpqJZhGhfPXj7dJdr3qiW2kD
Asset ID : bPWkA3MNyEr1TuDchWgdpqJZhGhfPXj7dJdr3qiW2kD
Name : TurtleNetwork
Symbol : TN
Issuer : 3PKPd4HDTM9qFmDYQ4Fn7vrjnPR63aFWdej

[OLD/CURRENT Asset]: http://dev.pywaves.org/assets/HxQSdHu1X4ZVXmJs232M6KfZi78FseeWaEXJczY6UxJ3
Asset ID : HxQSdHu1X4ZVXmJs232M6KfZi78FseeWaEXJczY6UxJ3
Name : TurtleNode
Symbol : TN
Issuer : 3PKPd4HDTM9qFmDYQ4Fn7vrjnPR63aFWdej