Turtle Network


Node Summary: aimining node
Node Owner: @AxAi_Token
Node Alias: aimining
Node Address: 3JhLf8tzA1UJ9rorBoupoGsdm3ZukrncapY
Telegram Group: https://t.me/Axaichat
Node Token: AIMining (TurtleNode Network)
Node Website: https://exchange.axachange.com (Currently Under Development)
Payout Period: Every 30 Days.
Fees Distributed: 75% to Lessor and 25% to AIMining holders.
E-mail: axaitoken@gmail.com
Other details: We have our token named “AIMining” on both Networks Turtle Network as well as Waves. Turtle Node AImining Asset holders will get priority over Waves due to their more leasing capabilities.

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