Turtle Network


Summary: Tradecoin is already running multiple cryptocurrencies nodes including on Turtle Network. Initially Tradecoin will payout to our lessors only in Bitcoins with a fixed BTC amount Every 15 days. We will increase the BTC rewards steadily to time as soon as more leasing will arrive to Tradecoin Nodes.
Node Owner: @Satoshi_2009
Node Alias: tradecoin
Node Address: 3JxoLH2YzWGzs9SrjRTo35NS5sgSk3Xm947
Telegram Group: https://t.me/trd_tradecoin
Token Name: Tradecoin (Waves Platform)
Website: https://tradecoin-token.github.io
Payout Period : Every 15 Days With Distribution Report, Paid in TN
Fees Distributed: 90% of Fees Distributed.
Other Details: Tradecoin is also available on Waves DEX with Two Assets named as
“Tradecoin” Asset ID: EekwfLSAkbREneBHrXdZSRAEPvmijq71Nf2GDNqBStz4 and “I-Hash Ω” J5kauGmPHWjRLjoPgLfR7ZnvwekzU1BmoW5p9QL5oi7k

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