Turtle Network


Node Summary: First Russian node on Turtle Network. Part of Pugs Ecosystem.
Node Owner: @ba_nano
Node Alias: pugnode
Node Address: 3JiRRSs4cx5USyyy2WMXUHcjktMaSLkEt15
Telegram Group: @PugNode
Node Token: PugNode (PUGN)
Node Website: https://pugnode.space
Payouts Period: n/a
Fees Distributed: n/a
Other details: Pugs Ecosystem consist of PugNode, PugCoin and PugCASH tokens.

*PugNode is a node I operate and maintain in order to support Turtle Network.

**PugCoin built on the Waves blockchain, favored by pugs worldwide.

***PugCASH is token on the Waves platform and pegged to the U.S. Dollar