Turtle Network

TurtleNetwork – Monthly Insights – January 2020

Turtle Network Nodes Secure & Govern the Turtle Network | Earn from network fees | Easy payouts to Lessors &…

// $TN Lessors Passively Earn by leasing to nodes \\


Monthly Summary Highlights (Jan 2020);

  • New Smart Contract Features: Feature 11, RIDE 4 DAPPS‘, ‘Feature 12, Smart Orders‘ & ‘Feature 13, Non-fungible token (NFT), Done, Activated
  • Node MainNet release: MainNet in-progress of node upgrades to v1.1.8, Node owners please upgrade
  • API migration: New marketdata endoint URL, https://api.marketdata.turtlenetwork.eu/api/symbols, Done, please utilize the new API
  • Updated Explorer: Explorer updated & includes both TestNet and MainNet info, all official links added, Done
  • Syscoin Proposal: TN was successfully approved for a Gateway proposal submitted, which pays for basic costs of SYS Gateway & to strengthen co-operation, Done
  • TN SWAP: TurtleNode ($TN) to TurtleNetwork ($TN) SWAP on Waves Platform, SWAP ASAP

Community Activity [Highlights]

Planned in Feb ’20 [Highlights]

  • Optimize backend infrastructure: Infrastructure, monitoring to be finalized, In-Progress
  • Re-Branding project, In-Progress
  • TurtleNodeBot: Stabilize and bug fix fully. “we just went through a major refactoring on waves and TN side”
  • Waves Gateway: Upgrade the waves-tn wavesgateway to new easier to use framework
  • CoinMarketCap submission for TN DEX: Submitted Turtle Network DEX, CMC has featured the exchange as an ‘untracked listing’, exchange requires constant volume & usage from community, In-Progress



  • TurtleNode ($TN) to TurtleNetwork ($TN) SWAP on Waves Network Update; In-Progress
    • SWAP Stats: 4 366 648 TurtleNode still required to swap to TurtleNetwork on Waves Network.
    • SWAP Deadline: 31/03/2020 (hard deadline), Note
    • SWAP Guide: https://www.turtlenetwork.eu/2019/08/02/turtlenode-tn-to-turtlenetwork-tn-swap-guide-on-waves-platform
  • Node TestNet release: TestNet upgraded to v1.1.7 & v1.1.8 and feature 11,12,13 enabled, Done
  • Node MainNet release: MainNet upgraded to v1.1.7, feature (11,12,13) Voting Finalized & features activated on network
  • Node MainNet release: MainNet in-progress of node upgrades to v1.1.8, 8/27 Done
  • Turtle Network Android App: Small updates, decreased app size by 50%, removed external source dependency, Done
  • API migration: New marketdata api now shows a custom error when you try to query a non existing pair, Done
  • TestNet API: new TestNet api created, Done
  • TurtleCap: Removed MLToken, 2: added tUSD/TN, 3: added tUSD/BTC, Done
  • Explorer: TurtleCap, Most active/biggest markets from TN in Tickers section, Done
  • @TNTippingBot: 3035↑ wallets/keys created on TNTippingBot, tracking
  • @TNTippingBot upgrade: Bot moved to new infrastructure and Push Messages created for ‘Tip Tuesday’, Done
  • @TurtleNetworkBlocks Bot: Old TurtleNetworkBlocks telegram bot brought alive, bot notifies forget block details, Done
  • Nodes: 27 Turtle Network nodes online in 10↓ countries, tracking
  • TurtleNodeBot: 59↓ Total Premium Members, only 16members on TNetwork, 1826 normal members, tracking
  • TurtleNodeBot: Migrated to new infrastructure & re-wrote large portion of code, Done
  • New Web Wallet: In development currently on Windows & Linux versions, help test!, Dev On-Going, looking for front-end Dev assistance.
  • Website Analytics(turtlenetwork.eu): 159 users in 182↑ sessions in the last 7 days, 447 active users in 604↑ sessions in the last 28 days, tracking
  • Certification: Turtle Network End User Awareness Certification moved to turtlenetwork.eu domain, Certify
  • Leasing Node Market: Node Market node owners list your Node! List
  • Leasing Note: 13 accounts still lease to NATA Node, please dont purchase NATA on DEX & stop leasing to NATA node Address: 3Jcz4rj98NUQAgEr3BVXaEvrSBVQ8eHb3F4
  • Leasing Note: 7 accounts still lease to BunnyToken Node, please stop leasing to BunnyToken Node Address: 3JreB3JjQJgFfuz6ntFt76eTDUyv7hxdzMk
  • Leasing Note: 4 accounts still lease to IsotopeN-TN Node, Node taken offline, please stop leasing to IsotopeN-TN Node Address: 3JktsZPVwEj1oLoUHmwLKrdv5wx8pih1QVq
  • Scams:Be vigilant of Scam domains & scammer [don’t trust, verify], pls don’t insert your seed into unknown website URL’s