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BPSAA Alliance

Turtle Network Press Release – BPSAA Alliance

Turtle Network, Pirate Chain, Sentinel and Ether-1 officially announce an Alliance to converge and form the Blockchain Privacy, Security & Adoption Alliance (BPSAA) as founding members.

The BPSAA has been created to unite dedicated and high quality teams, each with their unique technological or advocacy expertise. Founder and Pirate Chain captain Draeth states that “All members are bound by the belief that cross-platform interoperability between projects will create value and exciting new innovative cross-chain fintech solutions.

Members of BPSAA are driven by a common ethos: interoperability & innovation through collaboration. The BPSAA sets the standard for collaboration and innovation in blockchain by bringing on other projects with huge potential and real-world use cases. One of the many benefits of the alliance is that it assists in the expansion of every member’s voice and capabilities.

Each and every member of the alliance provides a unique role and specialization, which provides a solid foundation and a wide variety of skills and tools.

Website: https://bpsaa.vision

BPSAA Alliance - Turtle Network


Community is the underlying strength of the Turtle Network, growing the community to include alliance members, aligns well with our vision to “strive for an open collaborative community and encourage open development by providing opportunity through technology

Turtle Network enablers within the Alliance include the ability for founding members (pirate.black, sentinel.co and ether1.org) to Buy | Sell | Trade | Send in each other’s coins and multiple currencies on the Turtle Network DEX through interoperable gateways & Telegram bots.

Further Turtle Network enablers include providing completely decentralized, anonymous wallet access and easy payment functions for members including fully fledged smart contract functionality. This works hand in hand with Sentinel VPN services, Pirate OS and Ether-1  where they will leverage Turtle’s many capabilities to provide the best possible service for all their users.


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