Turtle Network

TurtleNetwork – Monthly Insights – February 2021

Turtle Network – “Community based network” turtlenetwork.eu

Planned in Mar ’21 [Highlights]

  • New matcher version: Last 5 issues left to solve, In-Progress
  • New version: Updated docker container for Node and awaiting new matcher fixes/update, In-Progress
  • New Vote dApp: First phase MainNet available. Bpsaa dev assisting and making good progress with frontend – See SneakPeak, In-Progress
  • TN Community Crowdfunding (TCC), mock / test version available sometime this month, by @rig0rm0rtis, In-Progress
  • TN Markets: Keep and eye on TN/USD Markets channel.

Feb ’21 [Updates]

  • TNTippingBot: Added an extra requirement to be in any tiptop, you need to be active and have tipped at least once in the past 14 days, Done
  • TNTippingBot: Tiptop command optimized/made shorter, the amount of spaces between the parts from the command don’t matter anymore. Furthermore you can now tip a custom amount with /tntiptop, Done
  • TNTippingBot: People were tipping assets with wrong amount of digits. We have implemented a solution for this so users get better error feedback. When using /tntiptop with to many decimals the bot will inform you, Done
  • Wallet: Wallet.turtlenetwork.eu is now upgraded to support a new type of framework for the USDT Gateway, thx to @slycampos/polarity for implementing it, Done
  • Wavestippingbot: We updated the backend code, Done
  • TNTippingBot and WavesTippingBot: Both are now maintaining the chat history instead of deleting it. Public chats will keep the tip messages, so that users can easy see they are tipped, Done
  • Node MainNet release: MainNet in-progress of node upgrades to v1.1.12, 12/31 Done
  • dApp Guide: Amazing work from @OldTurtle2018 to create a dApp guide about Turtle Network, for the community, lets get creating!, Guide Rev2, Info
  • TNTippingBot: 12506 to 13246. 740↑ wallets created on TNTippingBot in the last month, tracking
  • Nodes: 31 Turtle Network nodes online in 11 countries, tracking
  • TurtleNodeBot: 35 Total Premium Members, only 13 members on Turtle Network, 1992 normal members, tracking
  • Certification: Turtle Network End User Awareness Certification, Certify
  • TN DocHub: User instructions, developer information, technical background, Info
  • Leasing Node Market: Node Market node owners list your Node! List
  • dApp Guide: Amazing work from @OldTurtle2018 to create a dApp guide about Turtle Network, for the community, lets get creating!, Guide Rev2, Info
  • Turtle Network Node Hosting on Pecunia: Node hosting on pecuniaplatform.io, easy /cheap to start a Node on Turtle Network, Instructions and Video1 | Video2, Info
  • CoinMarketCap submission for TN DEX: Submitted Turtle Network DEX, CMC has featured the exchange as an ‘untracked listing’, exchange requires constant volume & usage from community. WIP

BPSAA [Highlights]

  • New Member: Bittube, Anouncement.
  • BPSAA non-profit organization creation, in-progress.

## Leasing Nodes [Highlights – Please Stop Leasing to Offline Nodes below] ##

Review: https://statistics.turtlenetwork.eu/lpos

  • Leasing Note: 5 accounts still lease to BunnyToken Node, please stop leasing to BunnyToken Node Address: 3JreB3JjQJgFfuz6ntFt76eTDUyv7hxdzMk
  • Leasing Note: 2 accounts still lease to IsotopeN-TN Node, Node taken offline, please stop leasing to IsotopeN-TN Node Address: 3JktsZPVwEj1oLoUHmwLKrdv5wx8pih1QVq
  • Leasing Node: 4 Accounts lease to Sunchaser Node, Node taken offline, please stop leasing to Sunchaser Node address:  3JfGezELtdTiqgzSmg2RXqquCFmW9HWmc11
  • Leasing Node: 12 Accounts lease to Frigobar Node, Node taken offline , please stop leasing to Frigobar Node address: 3Jrv3ZeSsqc6Bj25YdPNhUe2isQXC7X3wR2


Scams:Be vigilant of Scam domains & scammers [don’t trust, verify], pls don’t insert your seed into unknown website URL’s