Turtle Network

Community Based Blockchain Network



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Turtle Network End User Awareness Certification

TN Certification

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Run a Node on Turtle Network

Nodes secure the Turtle Network & Leasing Proof of Stake (LPoS) is the algorithm for network consenusus.
– Node owners earn passively from forging network blocks.
– Extra $TN rewards paid to nodes.
– Lessors lease to nodes increasing chances of forging more blocks, increasing payouts.
– Easy payouts to Lessors.
–> Guide: Setup a node
–> Alt Guide: Setup a node
–> Video Guide: Setup a node
–> Lessor Payout: LPOS Distribution
–> Lessor Payout: LPOS Distribution for WIN

Gateway Services

Gateway Development Services on Turtle Network

The Turtle Network utilizes Gateways for external token’s/coins to bi-directionally transfer to the network.

Leasing Node Market

List your Node on the Turtle Network

The leasing node market is available for node owners on Turtle Network to list node details for visibility. –> Leasing Node Market


Leasing Node Market Submission Form