Turtle Network


Advertise on turtlenetwork.eu website

Utilizes the WordPress Plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/turtle-ad-network
[Ask a Question or just want to chat?] https://t.me/turtleadnetwork
Plugin Website: https://www.turtleadnetwork.com


  • Advertising on turtlenetwork.eu website using the Turtle Ad Network.


  • Wallet to Send Ad: Create a Turtle Network address using the Wallet  (Note: save SEED securely & don’t share)
  • Load $TN to Pay for Ad: Purchase $TN on the DEX, within the wallet with Bitcoin, Waves. # $TN will be used to pay for Adverts.
  • Load $TN to Pay for Ad: Send Bitcoin, Waves, Ethereum, TUSD etc to Turtle Network, via gateways, to purchase $TN.

Advertising details;

  • Cost per Impression (CPI) 1TN per 50 Impressions.
  • Minimum Payment: 1TN
  • Advert type: 320 X 100 – Large Mobile Banner Text advert.
  • Advert display location: Displayed in the content of blog posts & pages.
  • Advert Example:



Simply – Send a transaction on the Turtle Network, using the wallet, with the amount of $TN required to purchase impressions. In the transaction description section, insert the correctly formatted Text Ad details and SEND.

TANstats: Ad statistics & monitoring – https://www.turtlenetwork.eu/tanstats/?address=InsertYourWalletAddress

[Option 1]

  • Login to WALLET, visit the wallet Dashboard.
  • SEND a transaction to the following address: 3Ju3S5GL9ytbes8gpFHLbAdDjji9AFSVzUX
  • Pay $TN for impressions (e.g. 1TN = 50 impressions, 2TN = 100 impressions)
  • Attach the Ad details within the description using the correct Text Ad Format: Ad (headline)(description)(url)
  • Wait for +- 1 minute for the Ad to display

[Option 2]

Note: Text Ad Format: Ad (headline)(description)(url)
Note: Maximum of 140 characters allowed, Headline text is bold with 35 character limit & URL is clickable in Ad. Utilize a URL shortener service to track analytics and shorten URL’s, if required.
Note: Ads that don’t meet to format requirements will be ignored including blacklisted ads.
Note: No abusive or illegal Ads allowed.

Example Ad: Ad (Turtle Ad Network)(Peer-to-Peer Ad Network that is simple, fast and open source)(https://www.turtleadnetwork.com)

Wallet Screenshot Example (for sending Ad’s) below;

Submitting Ads in Wallet