Turtle Network


Node Summary: The newest TurteNetwork node around. Making the network more Decentralized for all. Providing know-how and support to all on the #TurtleNetwork.
Node Owner: @rig0rm0rtis
Node Alias: mortys.node
Node Address: 3JfSdQxjJn8xReJ73LZg7FTfB6TaXG5qHot
Telegram Group: N/A
Node Token: N/A
Node Website: https://mortysnode.nl
Payout Period: bi-weekly (every two weeks)
Fees Distributed: 90% of $TN fees
Other details: N/A

Stats Support Node

Node Summary: By leasing or donating to this node, you support the upkeep of the statistics server: http://statistics.blackturtle.eu
Node Owner: @G1zm0nl
Node Alias: statistics
Node Address: 3JrF9bKgZLnCrQXqpLAGouXX6rupdnC1QWT
Telegram Group: None
Node Token: None
Node Website: http://statistics.blackturtle.eu
Payout Period: None
Fees Distributed: None
Other details: None


Node Summary: SuperSistem Node is one of the first nodes on Turtle Network. SuperSistem Node ($SSYS) is also one of the first Projects on TN. You can read more here : https://www.supersistem.com
Node Owner: @bulentustbas
Node Alias: supersistem
Node Address: 3JySFi8GBmrZM2hg4wADKx6GTJ6gNoMz2vT
Telegram Group: https://t.me/supersistem
Node Token: SuperSistem (SSYS)
Node Website: https://www.supersistem.com
Payout Period: Weekly
Fees Distributed: 90% of Fees Distributed.
Other details: SuperSistem Node run by Bulent Ustbas, It has been serving in the field of technology for 20 years. http://www.supersistem.com/faucet/ offers free funds. He will also develop various tools for TN and develop projects running on the block chain.


Node Summary: aimining node
Node Owner: @AxAi_Token
Node Alias: aimining
Node Address: 3JkZtXqWtcWyyZ6UwLVLXpzDwSTnqWJUBAA (3JhLf8tzA1UJ9rorBoupoGsdm3ZukrncapY –Discontinued Node Address)
Telegram Group: https://t.me/Axaichat
Node Token: AIMining (TurtleNode Network)
Node Website: https://exchange.axachange.com (Currently Under Development)
Payout Period: Every 30 Days.
Fees Distributed: 75% to Lessor and 25% to AIMining holders.
E-mail: axaitoken@gmail.com
Other details: We have our token named “AIMining” on both Networks Turtle Network as well as Waves. Turtle Node AImining Asset holders will get priority over Waves due to their more leasing capabilities.


Node Summary: Kwoolala Node
Node Owner: @churckie
Node Alias: kwoolala
Node Address: 3JmqNo4yFNiDJReRcsAyJvh2wQDHcdcA9bD
Telegram Group: none
Twitter: @kwoolala
Node Token: KWO (Not created yet, 5% of node fee income go to token holder)
Node Website: (Not yet available)
Payout Period: Every 2-weeks
Fee Distributed: 80%


Node Summary: MapleNode owns three nodes on Turtle Network.
Node Owner: @MapleNode
Node Alias: maplenode , maplenode2 , maplenode3
Node Address: 3JwSzCsBpTZtqxkfdj3KuZgZJ33BcTBnqQr, 3JtJ5Kf3XuAUiMhtDQasSPdpaG6X5WLa8cE, 3JpaNjczji3vf7Qf2TnFMBNdr1E655xpojY
Telegram Group: https://t.me/MapleNodeNet
Node Token: $MN MapleNode (15% of node fee income go to $MN holder)
Node Website: https://www.maplenode.net
Payout Period: Every weekend
Fee Distributed: 85%


Node Summary: Hellenic Node is one of the first nodes on Turtle Network .Hellenic Node ($HN) is also one of the first Projects on TN. You can read more here : https://www.hellenicnode.eu
Node Owner: @HellenicNode
Node Alias: hellenicnode
Node Address: 3Jrd32GsqZApEBv3jvEiXUWoMu63wHmMHyW
Telegram Group: https://t.me/hellenic_node
Node Token: Hellenic Node (HN)
Node Website: https://www.hellenicnode.eu
Payout Period: Weekly
Fees Distributed: 70% of Fees Distributed.
Other details: Hellenic Node run by odma, advisor on the Turtle Network and founder of Hellenic Node Project


Node Summary: ninjaturtle node, we keep it simple.
Node Owner: @gordobtel
Node Alias: ninjaturtle
Node Address: 3JymMygBouGX4sL8UeY3yfvxqJ6rWoWSxAr
Telegram Group: None
Node Token: No token created
Node Website: none
Payout Period: Monthly
Fees Distributed: 85% of Fees Distributed.
Other details: ninjaturtle node run by gordob, advisor on the Turtle Network.