Turtle Network

Turtle Network End User Awareness Certification

Welcome to the Turtle Network End User Awareness Certification on July 9, 2020

Amount of questions: 25
Time limit to complete assessment: 45 minutes
The passing score: 75%

Note: Exam Time Limit countdown starts once the 'Next' link is clicked below to start the assessment.
Info: Create a Turtle Network Wallet address here, if required.

Telegram Username
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1. What is the founder and lead developers Telegram username?
2. What month & year did Turtle Network begin? answer in format mm/yyyy
3. What is TurtleNetwork?
4. What are the main roles of TurtleNetwork Core members? select all that apply
5. What are the TurtleNetwork's brand value statements? select all that apply
6. Name 3 Turtle Network value propositions?
7. TurtleNetwork has many services, select all that apply;
8. Which is not an official TurtleNetwork social media link?
9. What is the Turtle Network?
10. True or False: Turtle Network secures its network with a stake leasing protocol called Leased Proof of Stake or LPoS?
11. What is the underlying asset of the Turtle Network that's used as 'fuel for the network'?
12. What is the minimum amount of TurtleNetwork (TN) required for a forging node?
13. What are the Network fees for transfers on Turtle Network?
14. What is the Turtle Network's Explorer URL?
15. This transaction (TX) ID: 2z9ry7awg6Nz6CvZyrig82PYTU4vFHCqGyCuPP3iUrhM contains an encoded message, paste the TX ID on Turtle Network's explorer and decode it's Attachment. Paste the answer exactly as-is, in English.

16. How do you easily view the Statistics of the Turtle Network (Activation | Aliases | Assets | Balances | Blocks | Generators | LPoS | Nodes | Top 25 assets | Transactions etc)
17. What is the process to setup leasing? Which statement is correct;
18. What is the $TN Gateway full URL?

19. What are the main functions & benefits for Gateways on the Turtle Network? select all that apply;
20. True or False: Assigning an 'Alias' or symbolic name to a wallet address, allows easy transfers via Alias name and costs 1TN to create?
21. BlackTurtleNode, a node owned by TurtleNetwork.eu & running on Waves platform, is it possible to lease $WAVES or $TN to this node?
22. @TNTippingBot Telegram bot, what new instant function was added in Nov 2018?
23. @TNTippingBot Telegram bot, what is the correct command to tip a user called gordobtel 10 TurtleNetwork (TN)?
24. @TurtleNodeBot Telegram bot, name 2 Premium functions?
25. @TurtleNodeBot Telegram bot, is there an actual payment of 10k $TN to activate Premium functions within the bot?
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