Turtle Network



Description: TNTippingBot tipping service for the Turtle Network Platform, on Telegram.
Summary@TNTippingBot on the Telegram mobile/web application.
Data Sheet: @TNTippingBot Data Sheet.
Credits: @Hawky & @Black_Turtle in Telegram.

Standard Functions;
– Tip a user with any Turtle Network asset within a Telegram group.
– Telegram username required (create in Telegram Settings section)
– Turtle Network wallet and address automatically created

Operational Security (OpSEC);

  • Telegram app: ‘Who can See my Phone number’ setting change to ‘Nobody’ in ‘Settings, ‘Privacy & Security’ then ‘Phone Number’.
  • Changing Telegram username: A tip wallet is linked to a Telegram username, so be aware if username is changed, you could loose access to your tip wallet, so move funds to a new wallet prior and/or import an empty key. Also note that someone else could potentially ‘grab’ the old username and have access to the original wallet, so move funds to a new wallet prior & don’t import the same private key into multiple Telegram usernames.
  • Note: Be Safe, it’s a tipping wallet, backup private keys, don’t store large amount of funds, keep private key, phone number & username safe.

– Telegram group admin inserts @TNTippingBot into the group
– Telegram group admin gives the bot admin rights to delete messages only, then the bot will clean messages posted

Available Commands:
/tntip – tip user <user> <amount> <token>
/tntrade – buy or sell <amount> <token>
/tntiptop – tip top10 <amount/user> <token>
/tntips – show help
/tnaddress – view address
/tnbal – view current balance
/tnwithdraw – withdraw <address> <amount> <token>
/tntop – view top10 tippers
/tnprivatekey – request private key
/tnimportprivatekey – import private key <private key>

@TNTippingBot Type the ‘/tntips‘ to show the below commands;
/tntip@TNTippingBot – tipping a user in the format <user> <amount> <token>
/tntrade@TNTippingBot – trade at market prices in the format <buy or sell> <amount> <token>
/tntiptop@TNTippingBot – tipping the top 10 in the format <amount/user> <token>
/tntips@TNTippingBot – showing this help message
/tnaddress@TNTippingBot – showing the address for the user who requests it
/tnbal@TNTippingBot – showing the current balance of the requesting user
/tnwithdraw@TNTippingBot – withdraw funds in the format <address> <amount> <token>
/tntop@TNTippingBot – shows most tipping person on Telegram
/tnprivatekey@TNTippingBot – request the private key to your tipping wallet in a private chat
/tnimportprivatekey@TNTippingBot – import a private key for your tipping wallet in the format <private key> PLEASE SAVE YOUR FORMER PRIVATE KEY IN ORDER FOR BEING ABLE TO RESTORE IT
Note: Please have in mind to not store large amounts of funds due to potential security flaws!
Note: Keys are stored somewhere. Remember this is only for tipping! This is not a full wallet.

Total: 0.05TN p/tip
-fees to TN 0.01TN
-fees to network to process the fee payment: 0.02TN
-fees to network to process tip: 0.02TN

New Functions
Nov 2018: ‘tntrade’ command added for instant market trades.
Jan 2020: Bot moved to new infrastructure and Push Messages created for ‘Tip Tuesday’

Hidden functions
Nov 2018: /tntiptop50@TNTippingBot – tipping the top 50 in the format <amount/user> <token>