Turtle Network

Turtle Network Ticker Assignment

Ticker Assignment on the Turtle Network DEX & Mobile App.

Details: Verification required to receive an official Ticker/Symbol for the Asset, allowing easy search by asset name in the DEX and Mobile App. Tickers are also required for assets when submitting to external exchanges & services.

NOTE: Core team members of Asset & Asset Issuer can only submit details.
NOTE: Only official project/business domain names accepted (e.g. www.test.com) with Official email address (e.g. user@test.com), no free domains or free email addresses accepted during verification.
NOTE: Asset or Ticker with ‘TN’ included in the name, only reserved for Official TN related projects & will NOT be accepted during ticker verification. That also includes any BlackTurtle/TurtleNetwork related branding (TurtleNode, TurtleNetwork, BlackTurtleNode, TurtleNodeBot, TNTippingBot, Turtle) etc.
NOTE: Ticker needs to be unique & not listed on coinmarketcap.com, blockfolio.com & not on official ISO 4217 list.

Min Requirements (Checks by Submitter);

  • Business or legal structure (preferred)
  • Website contains team details (required)
  • Website contains token information (required)
  • Website contains substantial project information (required)
  • Project WhitePaper (required)
  • Ticker not listed on coinmarketcap.com (required)
  • Ticker not listed on blockfolio.com (required)
  • Ticker not listed in the active codes of official ISO 4217 currency names (required)

1: Complete above Requirements in full prior to submitting the form.
2: Submit the form below.
3: Once the form is submitted, one of the TurtleNetwork Core Team members will make contact via Telegram to manually verify Telegram username.
4: Submitted ‘Min Requirements’ details will be thoroughly reviewed over the period, which also include but not limited to the following;

  • Website ownership verification
  • Whitepaper review
  • Business/legal structure details verification
  • Asset Issuer verification
  • Social Media review/verification of team members

5: After review period, TurtleNetwork Core Team members will vote, discuss & ask any queries within a 72 hours window on application, =>75% success vote required.
6: On successful vote: KYC will be requested via Telegram, verify Personal Mobile Number & Email using the Civic.com mobile app, and a copy of team members Passport required.
Note: Please allow for 10-14 days for Ticker assignment.
Note: Regardless of the outcome of the ticker submission, the token has unlimited access to the open Network , DEX and Bots (Tip Bot & TurtleNodeBot)
Note: TN Core team members each vote independently on their decision, with all the information gathered during the process & their insight & industry knowledge.

(Ticker) De-listing Policy

TurtleNetwork.eu reserves the right to exercise its discretion in de-listing a Ticker/Symbol for an Asset on the TN DEX and Mobile App with prior notice. Factors that could contribute to such a course of action may include one or more of the following;

  • Any Scam activity.
  • Website offline for more than 7 days.
  • No DEX trading activity on any ‘token’ & ‘TN, BTC, ETH or WAVES’ pairs, within a 1 month period.
  • The project’s abandonment of development and/or business activity.
  • The project’s listing on Turtle Network was the result of misleading, incomplete, or false information.
  • The project (and/or its associates) is under investigation or is found guilty of a breach of law(s), statute(s), and regulation(s).
  • Community vote by $TN holders, 75% success vote required (to be developed).
  • Any other factor that TurtleNetwork Core members deems risky for its users.

Disclaimer: policies are subject to change.
Note: Ticker requirements are improved & updated over time, projects with current tickers assigned are required to adhere to any new ticker requirements.
Note: Ticker payment, paid to independent 3rd party  (TN Core Member) alias: tn_admin, address: 3JfueDzD7KjntHz4u6r2zciRTmqPywM5h9d.

    Business or legal structure (preferred)Website contains team details (required)Website contains token information (required)Website contains substantial project information (required)Website contains Project WhitePaper (required)Ticker not listed on coinmarketcap.com (required)Ticker not listed on blockfolio.com (required)Ticker not listed in the active codes of official ISO 4217 currency names (required)