Turtle Network

Community Based Blockchain Network


Description: TurtleNodeBot notification service for the Turtle Network & Waves Platform, on Telegram.
Summary@TurtleNodeBot on the Telegram mobile/web application.
Documentation: Documentation.turtlenetwork.eu

Standard Functions;

  • 5 Free Accounts (free function)
  • Show trades (free function)
  • Show transactions (free function)
  • Show balances (free function).

Premium Functions;

  • Unlimited Accounts
  • Incoming/Outgoing tx notifications
  • Cancel lease notifications
  • Includes all the Standard functions.
  • Incoming lease transaction notifications.
  • Lease cancel notifications.
  • Outgoing lease transaction notifications.

Premium Listing Process;

1: 10 000 $TN required in Wallet.
2: Open a Telegram chat with @TurtleNodeBot
3: Type the ‘/notify help’ command to get info about registering (see below)

To get registered please use the command ‘/chatid’. This will tell your id.
Note: WEST Network, premium can be enabled by either TN or Waves registration below;
Waves Platform Registration (Incl WEST Network): Make a transaction with 1 $TN (Waves) towards 3PQjMPKiRBim5tBGigzJmWko6tfRRtpi63W with only ID as description OR
Turtle Network Registration (Incl WEST Network): make a transaction with 1 $TN (TurtleNetwork) towards 3JgFSwnLTEWVHJMQyffHB4GJwe59hT6V4mP with only ID as as attachment.
You will be added to the system. If you are not sure feel free to contact Mr Turtle for support.
If you are added to the system and hold 10k TurtleNetwork you can add price notifications.
If you have tips and suggestions always feel free to share.
If you don’t have 10k $TN (TurtleNetwork) the bot will give an error in the end.