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Turtle Network

Blockchain Network

Open, Trusted, Secure, Distributed Blockchain Network for Everyone. –> Datasheet
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NFT World

TurtleNetwork NFT Marketplace

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Decentralized Exchange

Turtle Decentralized Exchange or aka Turtle DEX is an exchange accessible from the wallet, allowing every token created on Turtle Network or accessible via Gateways to trade in a decentralized manner.

TurtleNetwork ($TN)

TurtleNetwork ($TN) coin

TurtleNetwork ($TN) as the underlying asset on the Turtle Network and Turtle DEX. Network fees & Node earnings paid in $TN.


Doorway to the Turtle Network

The Turtle Network utilizes Gateways for external tokens/coins to transfer to and from the network, in a seamless manner.




TNTippingBot tipping service for the Turtle Network Platform, on Telegram & Discord. –> @TNTippingBot details



Notification service for the Turtle Network & Waves Platform, on Telegram. –> @TurtleNodeBot details

BlackTurtleNode on Waves

Node running on the Waves Platform

Lease to Alias: Blackturtle on Waves Platform, receive 96% of rewards in WAVES, including a bonus of 6 TurtleNetwork ($TN)/block, distributed once per day and paid-out proportionally to staked amount of WAVES.

BlackTurtleNode on West

Node running on the West Platform

Lease to Address: 3Nu1tgCX228vvydfS9rhwfv6XXQoaaGWW5v on WEST Platform, receive 90% of rewards in WEST, distributed once per week and paid-out proportionally, on Sundays, to staked amount of WEST.

BlackTurtleNode on LTO network

Node running on the LTO network

Lease to Address: 3JsZN7TwprVdXr9CbQ9EUvLSBG2YSZgdPGB on LTO network , receive 97, 5% of rewards in LTO, distributed once per week and paid-out proportionally, on Sundays, to staked amount of LTO.


TurtleNetwork & Exchange Disclaimers

Exchange / DEX: It’s important to understand that we don’t have access to user funds, to user accounts or details. We are not able to recover lost private keys. Using the network built-in exchange is subject to the following disclaimer.

TurtleNetwork ($TN) coin: $TN is not an investment instrument, having $TN doesn’t give you rights on some sort of fixed profit sharing, some kind of promised returns or anything in this regard. The sole use case of $TN is as utility token within Turtle Network. All services offered by Turtle Network are subject to the following disclaimer.