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A purpose-driven innovative blockchain startup, with the backing of a strong & supportive community. Advisors assist, guide & everyone who contributes is either a volunteer or helping in exchange for bounties.

Our Vision
- Our vision is to provide trusted, innovative & best-of-breed blockchain solutions through service excellence.

Brand Value Statements
- We strive for an open collaborative community with good governance.
- We offer innovative products & solutions that are beneficial to all $TN hodlers.
- We provide an open, trusted, secure & distributed Blockchain network for everyone.
- We encourage open development and provide opportunity through technology.

Client Gateways

Pirate Chain


BPSAA Alliance Member


Fun Facts

Happy Clients (# of Wallets)






Highest amount of tx's in 1 day




Turtle Network

Blockchain Network

Open, Trusted, Secure, Distributed Blockchain Network for Everyone. --> Datasheet
- Wallet
- New (Beta) Wallet
- Explorer
- Stats
- Api Docs
--> Turtle Network Technical Specs


Decentralized Exchange

Turtle Decentralized Exchange or aka Turtle DEX is an exchange accessible from the wallet, allowing every token created on Turtle Network or accessible via Gateways to trade in a decentralized manner.

TurtleNetwork (TN)

TurtleNetwork (TN) coin

TurtleNetwork (TN) as the underlying asset on the Turtle Network and Turtle DEX. Network fees & Node earnings paid in $TN.


Doorway to the TurtleNetwork

The Turtle Network utilizes Gateways for external token’s/coins to transfer to and from the network, in a seamless manner. --> Gateway Services
Current Gateways on Turtle Network;
--> TurtleNetwork
--> Litecoin
--> Bitcoin
--> TrueUSD
--> DASH
--> Wagerr
--> Syscoin
--> Bitcoin Cash
--> Dogecoin
--> Ethereum
--> Sentinel (BPSAA Member)
--> Pirate Chain (BPSAA Member)
--> Ether1 (BPSAA Member)


BlackTurtleNode on Waves

Node running on the Waves Platform

Lease to Alias: blackturtle on Waves Platform, receive 85% of rewards in WAVES, including a BONUS of 6 TurtleNetwork (TN)/block, distributed once per week and paid-out proportionally to staked amount of WAVES.

BlackTurtleNode on West

Node running on the West Platform

Lease to Address: 3Nu1tgCX228vvydfS9rhwfv6XXQoaaGWW5v on WEST Platform, receive 85% of rewards in WEST, distributed once per week (if costs aren't more then returns) and paid-out proportionally, on Sundays, to staked amount of WEST.



Notification service for the Turtle Network & Waves Platform, on Telegram. --> @TurtleNodeBot details



TNTippingBot tipping service for the Turtle Network Platform, on Telegram & Discord. --> @TNTippingBot details



Summary Information of the Turtle DEX [Main TN Pairs]


TurtleNetwork & Exchange Disclaimers

Exchange / DEX: It's important to understand that we don't have access to user funds, to user accounts or details. We are not able to recover lost private keys. Using the network built-in exchange is subject to the following disclaimer.

TurtleNetwork ($TN) coin: $TN is not an investment instrument, having $TN doesn't give you rights on some sort of fixed profit sharing, some kind of promised returns or anything in this regard. The sole use case of $TN is as utility token within Turtle Network. All services offered by Turtle Network are subject to the following disclaimer.

WhitePaper v2.2


Re-Branding from BlackTurtle to TurtleNetwork [Done]

RoadMap [Q2:2020]

Q2: TN Community Crowdfunding (TCC)

Q2: TN DocHub

RoadMap [Q1:2020]

Q1: Turtle Network: MainNet, Feature 11 (RIDE 4 DAPPS)

Q1: Turtle Network: MainNet, Feature 12 (Smart Orders)

Q1: Turtle Network: MainNet, Feature 13 (Non-fungible token [NFT])

Q1: Infrastructure Optimization

Q1: Updated Explorer

Q1: Blockchain Privacy, Security & Adoption Alliance (BPSAA) founding member

Q1: New TN Wallet (Web)

RoadMap [Q4:2019]

Q4: New TN Wallet (Win+Lin)

Q4: CoinMarketCap (CMC) submission for TurtleNetwork $TN coin

Q4: Turtle Network: TestNet, Feature 11 (RIDE 4 DAPPS)

Q4: Turtle Network: TestNet, Feature 12 (Smart Orders)

Q4: Turtle Network: TestNet, Feature 13 (Non-fungible token [NFT])

RoadMap [Q3:2019]

Q3: TurtleNode (TN) Swap to TurtleNetwork (TN) on Waves Platform

Q3: CoinMarketCap (CMC) submission for Turtle Network DEX

RoadMap [Q2:2019]

Q2: Web Wallet User Interface re-design

Q2: Blockchain Voting Mechanism

Q2: TN Community Crowdfunding (TCC) - [Moved to Q2 2020]

Q2: BetterToken Verification of TN on Waves Platform

RoadMap [Q1: 2019]

Q1: Web Wallet: TurtleShell

Q1: Turtle Network: TestNet, Feature 4 (Smart Accounts)

Q1: Turtle Network: TestNet, Feature 9 (Smart Assets)

Q1: Turtle Network: TestNet, Feature 10 (Smart Account Trading)

Q1: Turtle Network: MainNet, Feature 4 (Smart Accounts)

Q1: Turtle Network: MainNet, Feature 9 (Smart Assets)

Q1: Turtle Network: MainNet, Feature 10 (Smart Account Trading)

Q1: Leasing Node Market

Q1: Statistics Online: TestNet

Q1: Turtle Network End User Awareness certification



Turtle Network Ticker

Turtle Network Ticker Assignment

Verification required to receive an official Ticker/Symbol for the Asset on Turtle Network. --> Start Turtle Network Ticker Assignment


Advertise on TurtleNetwork.eu

Peer-to-Peer Text advertising on turtlenetwork.eu website using the Turtle Ad Network. -> Click to Advertise

Turtle Network End User Awareness Certification

TN Certification

Test your knowledge about Turtle Network and get certified. -> Click to Start the Test



Run a Node on Turtle Network

Nodes secure the Turtle Network & Leasing Proof of Stake (LPoS) is the algorithm for network consenusus.
- Node owners earn passively from forging network blocks.
- Extra $TN rewards paid to nodes.
- Lessors lease to nodes increasing chances of forging more blocks, increasing payouts.
- Easy payouts to Lessors.
--> Guide: Setup a node
--> Alt Guide: Setup a node
--> Video Guide: Setup a node
--> Lessor Payout: LPOS Distribution
--> Lessor Payout: LPOS Distribution for WIN

Gateway Services

Gateway Development Services on Turtle Network

The Turtle Network utilizes Gateways for external token’s/coins to bi-directionally transfer to the network. --> Gateway Services

Leasing Node Market

List your Node on the Turtle Network

The leasing node market is available for node owners on Turtle Network to list node details for visibility. --> Leasing Node Market

Leasing Node Market Submission Form

Node Owner Details

Please enter your contact details

Create a Node Market post

Please submit your leasing node details to the market below
Write a short maximum 40 character summary of the Node. Summary will show in the Post Excerpt.
At a minimum please add the information noted above, but please feel free to use this area to advertise the benefits of your node to the community so they can potentially lease TN. Only active Nodes allowed.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Please make sure the dimensions are close to (250 x 250px).


Let's Chat

Feel free to pop us a message with any questions or support queries.